Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Oregon School of Tattoo Arts carries on a tattooing tradition that goes back generations. Run by second-generation tattoo artist Rio DeGennaro, Oregon School of Tattoo Arts is dedicated to passing along time honored traditions through hands on experience and personal, one-on-one mentoring. In addition to imparting the skills necessary to become a successful artist, students are also educated in tattoo history, equipment maintenance and are set up to meet all Oregon State requirements to become a licensed tattoo artist/permanent color technician.

Today I am a full time artist and owner of Skeleton Key Tattoo. When I meet other artists that have also learned from Rio, I know they have learned from the best.

-Ximena Quiroz, 2007 OSTA Graduate

Oregon State has the strictest licensing requirements in the country — this program is structured to meet and exceed these requirements. Find more information on Oregon School of Tattoo Arts program in the curriculum section, learn about Rio in his personal biography, and follow up with some of our graduates in the Alumni section.

We covered everything from Oregon Health Department Rules and Regulations, cross-contamination safety and procedures, troubleshooting, client-handling, and how to put a good portfolio together to get a job in the industry.

- Tanya Magdalena, OSTA Graduate